Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are the heart of our operation.  Outfitted with snow specific options such as limited slip differentials; plow, push, or carry, they can do it all. Our fleet includes machines from 1.75 cubic yards all the way up to 6.0 cubic yards ensuring we have the right size for your needs.
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Specialized Equipment

Automation, it fueled the industrial revolution and is the heart of the fire that allows Hunter Environmental to provide superior value to all others. We implement cutting edge snow specific equipment to ensure the maximum amount of work is performed with a minimal amount of effort.   The quality of our equipment has a direct result on the quality of our service.

Skid Steers

Some times thinking big means thinking small.  Our fleet of mini skid steers is a walkway clearing juggernaut.  Small enough to fit on 36” walks but powerful enough to replace a crew of 10, these machines are a irreplaceable for large campus walkways. Plows, Blowers, and Power brooms all available depending on your facilities needs.
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Snow Fighters

These trucks were designed and build for only one thing: snow.  They push like a loader but can quickly relocate from site to site.  We utilize our snow fighters as command vehicles and reserve capacity.  In a pinch they can allocate as needed to support existing equipment in the heaviest of events.
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Support Trucks

If a loader is our broadsword, the support truck is our scalpel. Quick and maneuverable these trucks can access areas the large equipment can’t. they are an asset for final cleanup, clearing roads, and spreading salt at the end of the storm.
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The plow is to snow what the scalpel is the surgery, and we use nothing but the best. Floating trip edges that contour to the pavement for a clean scrape and hydraulic wings that allow the plows conform their width to the site are just some of the features that allow us to do more with less. 
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Salt Spreaders

Deicing lots isn’t just a matter of throwing down salt, it is materials science.  We use computer controlled calibrated spreading systems which ensure the right amount of material is applied every time.  Calibrated spreading means consistent results with minimal waste and more value to the customer.
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